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Who We Are

We are Speech-Language Pathologists.


Connect Speech Therapy (Connect Speech) is a full-service private practice offering Speech-Language Pathology (SLP, speech therapy) services for a wide range of ages and needs. Based in London, Ontario since 2015, Connect Speech serves London and region, as well as the broader Ontario region through our cutting-edge teletherapy service (online video-call therapy).

Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs, speech therapists) are expertly-trained, trusted and regulated healthcare professionals who focus on evaluating, diagnosing and treating difficulties, delays or disorders that affect or involve:

  • Communication - speaking, listening, reading, writing, conversing, and interacting socially.
  • Cognition - memory, attention/focus, planning, initiating, problem solving, processing information,  and more.
  • Swallowing - safely and effectively swallowing drinks and food, feeding issues.

We are clinician-owned and operated, so our first focus is on delivering high-quality care without compromise. We match you with our team member that is the best possible fit for you based on you, your needs, and their areas of clinical special interest, skill and training. 

We love helping to improve lives.


We go the extra mile and we serve with heart. Therapy space is a zero-judgment zone; no issue is too big or too small. We take a holistic approach, knowing a diagnosis should not define or limit you. We genuinely love to help and we love to know clients' lives are improved - in whatever area or way that's important to them. 

We are committed to excellence.


We are constantly learning, sharpening our clinical skills, and updating our knowledge base. Doing this ensures that we provide high-quality, effective, customized speech therapy services based on the latest-available scientific evidence, our clinical expertise, and your needs, values and priorities. 


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